Why I’m Obsessed with Self Foot Care

amy-ippoliti-foot-care by Ambassador Amy Ippoliti With the change of seasons, colds and flus can easily take hold, so I like to welcome any and all immune supporting options. Believe it or not foot care has been a big part of how I’ve stayed healthy this winter! I've been obsessed with applying a blend of coconut oil and specific purifying essential oils to my feet as a way to fortify my immune system. If you’ve ever benefitted from foot reflexology (the theory that the different parts of the feet are a mirror to the rest of the body), you’ll understand how anointing the feet with purifying oils could support the rest of the body. Now, don’t get me wrong – this might totally be a placebo, but I feel like my little foot ritual helped me fend off the winter flu (even when my partner had it and we slept in the same bed!). And the bonus? My feet have become baby soft because of the added moisturizing! No more dry cracked feet. Plus it feels so good to get my thumbs into the different points on the feet and show myself some self-love and pampering. I think you’ll love it too! Are you ready to give your feet some love?

Here it is, my self foot care recipe for healthy feet, healthy body:

  • 1 teaspoon of Coconut oil (liquefied)
  • 2 drops Clove essential oil
  • 2 drops Orange essential oil
  • 2 drops Cinnamon essential oil
  • 1 drop Eucalyptus essential oil
  • 1 drop Rosemary essential oil
Once you’ve blended the oils, massage into the bottoms of your feet! Makes enough for one or two applications. Multiply the recipe if you want the convenience of having it ready to go. NOTE: Using organic essential oils is important when you consider that essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the plant, and pesticides will get concentrated too. About Amy Ippoliti Amy Ippoliti is known for bringing yoga to modern-day life in a genuine way through her intelligent sequencing, clear instruction, and engaging sense of humor. She shares her passion for yoga, health, earth conservation, and with her writings for Yoga Journal, Organic Life, Prevention, Mantra, Origin, Mind Body Green, prAna Stories, and Elephant Journal. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, New York Magazine, Allure (Korea), and Newsweek and on the front page of Yahoo.com. A teacher on YogaGlo.com, she is a pioneer of advanced yoga education, cofounding 90 Monkeys, an online school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 65+ countries. She is the co-author of The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga. Learn more at amyippoliti.com.