How to live large in a small car

On the Road to Wanderlust

The average American home is 2,400 square feet. That's room for a couple bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and common area. Now imagine shrinking that space nearly 1000x and fitting all your material goods into a 28 square foot 1988 Ford Festiva. ToeSox friends and ambassadors Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernandez live small and travel far inside their vessel, the Peace Love Car (PLC). In celebration of adventure and to pay tribute to the dying PLC, they took to the road embarking on a 45,000-mile tour of North America.

Prepared and Ready to Roll

It's fair to say that Sam and Raquel are professional road trippers. And the Peace Love Car is no ordinary automobile. This sweet ride not only has aesthetic uniqueness, but it provides all these two adventure junkies need to survive life on the road. The PLC is decked with these incredible features:
  • Solar panel on the roof powers the fridge
  • Seats that fold down to a bed
  • Oven under the hood to cook
  • Custom-built shocks to bear their 1,500lbs of adventure gear (including ToeSox socks and sandals)

Watch What Happens

Sam and Raquel are chronicling their journey with video footage. Witness the fun, the miles and the landmarks they visit as they travel the road to Wanderlust. WATCH: Episode 1 Road to Wanderlust