Gear you need for these top 3 workouts

Summer is coming to a close, school is back in session, and now it's time to elevate your fitness routine and your workout wardrobe. After all, if the kids get new back-to-school clothes, why shouldn't you get new back-to-studio clothes? This Fall is about balance - work and family, play and rest, strength and cardio. Here are our top 3 workouts we're choosing for the season and the fresh gear we'll be sweating in. Let's go shopping! High intensity interval training (HIIT) We love the strength we get from resistance and weight training. Some may seek the HIIT at a Crossfit gym or in the home with an online program like Kayla Istines'. No matter where you go to get strong, you'll need these essentials:

Lightweight zero drop shoes for stability during the wide range of movements. You'll be jumping and lunging so protect your feet properly.

Zoe compression sport socks allow the toes to spread for more balance and the compression is awesome for keeping the blood flowing for reduced muscle fatigue and faster recovery.

Grip gloves give your hands the non-slip security they need during the weight training, planks and mountain climbers. They'll also protect the skin from tearing and blistering.

Yoga Some days start with yoga, some days end with yoga, and all days are better with yoga. That's why we're going to add more yoga styles and classes to our zen repertoire. We're packing these musts into our yoga bag and never stepping onto our mat without them:

Yoga socks will take your asana to another level. You can press further into downward dog and transition through Warrior series like a pro. While grippy non slip socks help to keep our feet from slipping, they also get us through any hand to foot poses, like Dancer pose or Bow pose. Instead of feeling your hands slipping from your feet, you can hang on and push through longer.

We can't imagine a hot yoga class without the support of grip gloves. The grip lets us stay put as we flow through sweaty sun salutations and try challenging arm balance poses.


A barre workout will access the small and large muscles groups of the entire body which will help us build strength and lean muscle. Inspired by ballerinas like Bryn Michaels and Misty Copeland, we'll be heading to barre class with grace and the right gear:

Leg warmers are more than the hottest fashion accessory, they are also super functional. Cold muscles need more time to perform optimally. By wearing leg warmers before and during class, your limbs will be warmed up and ready to workout.

Barre socks have grips that keep your feet from slipping. Try barre socks that have a heel cushion (like Bellarina) to comfort the Achilles on the barre or ones with an additional pad (like Plie and Releve socks) to comfort foot during the repeated releves.

Now that you know what to wear, it's time to get back to the studio!