Sweat to something different

There’s an exhilarating discomfort when it comes to trying something different– especially when it’s a new workout. Will the instructor yell bootcamp commands? Will it be painful? How sore will you be? Will you even survive the first class? There’s no better way to find out how bold you are or how strong you can be than by pushing your own limits. So it’s time to step into a new studio and give it a shot. First things first, if you haven’t tried kickboxing or aerial yoga yet, you must. For two different reasons, these workouts will have your body asking for more.

Aerial Yoga

This anti-gravity class takes your yoga off the ground using a special hammock or silk that acts like a swing to support your hips during back bends and forward folds. Because gravity is working in your favor, many poses are easier to access. The difficulty of your first class lies in trusting the silk when you take both feet off the ground. Your body will benefit from the enhanced full-body stretch you receive (especially the decompression of the spine). There is also an emotional bliss that results from the freedom of letting go in the air.

Tip: Take your favorite grip socks along to help you stay put on the silks


Kickboxing is revered as one of the hardest full-body conditioning classes because of the extreme vigor and speed of movements coupled with the needed coordination and agility. In a kickboxing class you might jump rope, shadow-box, perform forward kicks, punches, and footwork exercises. While you may not be in a ring, the classes prepare you to spar should you be up for another challenge. You’ll love the class for the swift way it improves your anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels.

Tip: Wear your bold compression socks to keep your legs feeling great during and after the workout

Looking for more?

We uncovered a few of the coolest classes that give your bod a killer workout. From east coast to west coast, if you have a chance to get into one of these classes, you absolutely need to! Bring your barre socks and sport socks along and start sweating to something new at one of these hot locations: Modelfit ModelFIT classes focus on slower movements and work on the smaller muscles to achieve a lean, sculpted, tighter body. The workout blends Pilates, yoga, movement, balance, stability, functional training and infuses the modelFIT philosophy of mindful exercise. www.modelfit.com Hot8 Yoga Hot8 Yoga incorporates heat and humidity to safely increase flexibility, boost metabolism and detoxify the body through the skin. They believe the healing and detoxifying benefits of heat also fosters an addictive feeling of wellbeing. www.hot8yoga.com FlyBarre The spin sensation, FlyWheel, takes students off the bike and sculpts their bodies in a barre class setting. The combination of cardio and strength training is the perfect recipe for a healthy, strong body. www.flywheelsports.com Gotham Gym Instructors at Gotham are hand-picked for their fitness training and expertise. They will help transform your body and channel the fighter within through their dynamic and challenging boxing classes. www.gothamgymnyc.com Soul Cycle This 45-minute spin class will make you feel elated as you climb, jog, sprint, dance, set your intention, and break through boundaries together as a class. It’s not just cardio, it also incorporates weights and core for a full-body tone up. www.soul-cycle.com Body By Simone Simone De La Rue is an accredited professional dancer who created a lifestyle workout called Body by Simone. This revolutionary exercise technique safeguards against injuries and boredom. BBS embraces, teaches, and strengthens bodies through aspects of dance. www.bodybysimone.com